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Conservative therapy is often sufficient, but in some cases surgical interventions cannot be dispensed with. Conservative treatment of the acute stage of this disease begins with the use of hemostatic drugs (dicinone, vikasol, aminocaproic acid). After 2-3 days of Phenergan therapy with coagulants, they begin to restore the lost functions of the nervous system of the body. Drug treatment of hematomyelia involves the use of such drugs.

With spinal bleeding, there is a risk of Promethazine a secondary infection (pyelonephritis, cystitis, congestive pneumonia), therefore, the use of antibacterial drugs is recommended to prevent complications. During the rehabilitation period, the patient must strictly follow the doctor's recommendations, primarily bed rest for a month and a half. With dysuric disorders in the form of urinary retention, bladder catheterization is performed. In the rehabilitation period, the patient is under the supervision of a doctor and undergoes complex procedures (exercise therapy, massage) aimed at eliminating the residual effects of hematomyelia.

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With a large amount of hemorrhage and in the case of arteriovenous malformation, surgical treatment is advisable. The essence of the surgical intervention is to remove the hematoma after laminectomy. Endoscopic methods of operative access allow minimizing adverse events after surgery. If an arteriovenous malformation is detected, radical extirpation, microembolization or clipping can be used.

In most cases, with a small size, this disease has a regressive course, and after proper treatment, a positive trend is observed already at the end of the first week of therapy. Unfortunately, even the right treatment cannot provide the desired result, sometimes sensitivity and motor disorderssystems end with the patient's disability. The development of phenergan of the cervical segments of the spinal cord can cause death. The chances of a positive result increase significantly with the timely detection and treatment of hematomyelia.

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The body temperature in the first days of the disease is normal, subsequently, due to aseptic inflammation, it may increase. Liquor may have a normal composition or contain an admixture of phenergan pills. The course of the disease is regressive. After 7-10 days, motor and sensory disorders begin to gradually subside. Full restoration of lost functions may occur, but persistent neurological symptoms most often remain. A serious complication is the development of bedsores and cystitis with ascending infection.

Hematomyelia should be differentiated from acute myelitis, which is characterized by a slower development and lack of phenergan with trauma, as well as from syringomyelia and gliomatosis, which helps a thorough analysis of anamnestic data and course features. As studies of recent years have shown, spinal strokes are incomparably more often based not on hemorrhage, but on ischemic necrosis. The similarity of the clinical picture of these forms of myelopathies determined in the past an inadequate frequency of diagnosing hematomyelia.